Leather Work

Introducing an intensive workshop that initiates the students to the basics of Leather Work craftsmanship. It's the first of its kind in Lebanon, which aims at reviving and spreading the knowledge related to this crafts. The students will study about the history of Leatherwork, besides exploring the different types of leather and fur and their treatments. As for the application part, the course will train the attendees how to use the different tools in the most effective way (from cutting to stitching), then it will expose them to making 3D shapes and learn to extract patterns before reaching the final process of assembling a final personalized product in leather.

Lecturer Biography

Born in Byblos in 1961, Elie Outayek graduated with a BA in Business Management from the Lebanese University in 1981. Knowing the political situation in his country at that time, Elie decided to take a career shift. He embarked on a journey in leather work, following the footsteps of his father and late grandfather.  Growing up around both of them, he developed as a child the passion for this craftsmanship, alongside his enormous love for architecture. It all drove him later on to Florence- Italy for a 6 month intensive training in leather work design and execution.

In 1990, he traveled again, this time to Canada and the US, aiming to grow his knowledge and skills within this field. He gained an experience for 3 years around several certified factories, producing for numerous brands like Gucci and Fendi.

Elie also applied for the Centre des Métiers du Cuir at Montreal before launching his own leather work factory in Canada in 1993, where he mastered the production for companies like Aldo Group, Yellow Group, Boy London, Buffalo Jeans.

In 1997, his attachment to his roots led him back to Lebanon, shipping the whole industrial unit with him. Following his professional and worthy reputation, his clients list is still expanding today, carrying highly prestigious names like: Elie Saab, Georges Hobeika, Azzi & Osta, Rani Al Zakhem, Sarah’s bag, Sandra J, SO.a, Emile Rassam, MBC Top Chef.

In 2014, he developed, sampled and executed a collaborative leather bags’ collection between Celine Dion and Bugatti, at his factory in Mastita-Byblos

Currently, Elie is looking to share his valuable experience in Leather Work Craftsmanship through an intensive program at ESMOD Beirut.